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Want wealth?

Your ship may not land

Want looks?

They may not be your part

Want fame?

It will flow out like sand

Want Christ?

He can be NOW in your heart.

– eab, 8/31/12 

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Most have heard (even told) a few blond jokes.


Has it occurred to you there are “Spiritual Blonds”?


They have not “caught on” YET to what is reasonable.


We need to be patient with (& pray for) the “Spiritual Blonds.”  

– eab, 8/28/12

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God sends FREE air (everyday!), FREE sunshine (many days), sends FREE rain (occasionally). –  Too few thank Him.

Let it become hard to breath, let there be “too many” cloudy days, or let the rain freeze as it falls and God gets blamed. (Job 2.10) 

– eab, 8/30/12 

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Church is NOT a stage where we (as actors)



entertain human “viewers.”



A TRUE church is where we (as adorers)



Worship Christ and His Redemptive action.

– eab, 8/30/12

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PRIDE is a prime motivator

in Education, in the Military,

in Politics, and yes, sadly,

even in Church. 

– eab, 8/14/12

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Marriage is for LIFE!


Been that way SINCE God


made Adam  O-N-E  wife. 

– eab, 8/28/12

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if the devil can keep you trudging the season by season by season

circle of sports,

then you will not think AS YOU OUGHT about the

line called ETERNITY.




if the devil can keep you circling round and round the

cycle of appearance & “prim”

you will not think AS YOU OUGHT about the

line called ETERNITY.

– eab, 8/28/12

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Love gives – Hate takes. 

Love gives life – Hate takes life:

abortion, murder, war,

& yes, even suicide can

have hatred behind it.

– eab, 8/27/12

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With whom do you hope to “spend” eternity?


We are likely to “spend” eternity

with the same kind of people


(saints OR sinners – NOT both)

with whom we enjoyed spending time on earth. 

– eab, 8/3/12

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Thinkers see beyond the “two-side” idea.


It is not the top OR bottom


of a sheet of paper that cuts you.



Paper has six(6) sides, even a coin has “three”(3).

– eab, 7/14/12

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