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The airplane is built on earth out of earthy materials but because of design and because of power, it goes down the runway and the earth drops away. It is a creature of the sky. 


The Christian is born on earth of earthy material but Christ designed us to fly.  Given the power of the Holy Spirit we do fly, and the world drops away.  We can be “refueled” in the sky (indefinitely – unlike planes) and someday fly on into heaven (never returning to earthly things).

“Clear Prop!”  

                                                                                                                                                                                                   – eab, 7/17/12

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“If you think you’re humble –

you’re about to stumble.”


“If you think you’re sooooo nice –

please think twice.”


(Allow colloquialism)

“If you think you’re great – you ain’t!”

– eab, (all) 8/10/09

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