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Let your Praise of God

be limited only by your vocabulary –

not by your volition.

 - eab, 9/30/12

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When YOU are your own god

you can believe what you want to believe

(sadly, to your detriment). 

When GOD is your God,

you WANT to believe what He wants you to believe –

AND has written in One Fine Book.

– eab, 9/29/12

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Sampson, the strongest (physically) man on earth

was as weak with women as ordinary men.

Solomon, the strongest (mentally) man on earth,

was as weak with women as ordinary men. 

– eab, 3/13/07

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Solomon wrote “of making many books there is no end and

much study is a weariness of the flesh” (Ecc 12.12).

Happy Contrast – God made a Book which has no end (Mark 13.31) and

the study of the Bible is refreshment to the Soul. 

– eab, 9/17/12

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Earth is the nearest thing to what the Roman Catholics have called “purgatory.”

Earth is the middle ground; heaven is above us, hell is below us.

We can here prepare (please do) to go to heaven. 

Purgatory is the lie of a second chance which Scriptures do not teach

– eab, – 11/10/06

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A day you have to prepare to meet

Your Maker up on the golden street,

Or His enemy in cave below.

Which way, my friend, will you go?


Oh, you want a week, a month, a year?

What about a life-time? But I fear

Knowing how humans like to delay

We’ll still wait till the last day.


Grasp this moment.  Decide for the Lord

His promise is true.  Believe His Word.

Today is the day of salvation

Come, without hesitation.

                – eab, 9/5/12

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The main difference between

running something,

And ruining something,

is the “i.”

– eab, 9/03

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God is fair. 

He is not going to “send” anyone

to heaven

when their life time showed little-to-no-interest in going there. 

– eab, 6/18/12

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It is sad, so sad to see friends moving left.

Why?  Why the changes

“Everyone is doing it”? 

ALL BUT EIGHT were outside the Ark

when the door “thumped” shut.

– eab, 9/24/12

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God   has: Predestinated

God   has: Planned

God   has: Provided

God   has: Purposed

God   has: Prepared

And He has Placed a Will in man that can accept all or reject all of His (above) plan

(But man has no will that can stop the consequences of rejecting God plan.)           

– eab, 9/25/06

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