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H A P P Y  G R A N D P A R E N T ‘S  D A Y

Thank God for grandparents!  One or more may have lived close and you got to see them often. Or perhaps they all lived many miles away and visits were rare.  I hope you have the memory of at least one, maybe all four.  And I hope you had an amiable relationship with one(s) you knew.


Today is a day to cherish that memory of fishing or hunting with grandpa (or whatever he was called in your family).  Today is a time to re-live some far away afternoon spent at grandma’s house.  Do you have a memory of the smell of a grandparent’s smoke house (for curing hams etc)?  Can you still breath in the aroma of their barn stacked full of hay?


Perhaps it is grandma’s home-made noodles and chicken (or was it beef?) you recall the best.  Maybe it’s a memory of sitting on grandpa’s lap as he read to you (and your siblings?) a favorite bed-time story.


I hope one or more of them were sincere followers of Christ and your memories of visits there include a service in their church (white wooden, brick, native stone) and the ride to or from the place where they took you to meet with God.  Did grandpa/grandma sing a special or play an instrument? 


Cherish, today the flavors, smells, words, soft touch of your grandparents.    


If YOU now are the grandparent allow me (as one grandparent to another)   to suggest a “Do – Do not” list.

1. When you visit grandchildren (or better yet, they visit you) make sure your time includes some words (from the Bible or your heart) about Christ. 2. Do your best to treat all, repeat, all of them the same. If not, some may “forever” glory that they were your pet, but the others will also remember.

3. You may have more money (than you had to spend on their parents) but use restraint in things. “Too much” is seldom appreciated, even from you.J

4. You may not agree with your child (less with the “in-law”) on how Suzie is not being taught to work or learn – do your best to pray and be quiet.

5. Please don’t undermine discipline you see administered to your “angelic” grandkid -you and I see them seldom and may be blind to their true self.

6. Give your one (or many), the indispensable gift of YOUR time.  Let they remember you for giving them your full attention – a rare and lasting gift.

7. Pray for each grandchild every day (or at least often). They face many temptations in media, peers, even Christian schools. They need our prayers.   

– eab, September 2012

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To rely on “separation from the world”

to prepare us for the next is frivolous.



But, to be conformed to this world,

is an equally frivolous attitude

toward the next world.

– eab, 1992

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