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God   has: Predestinated

God   has: Planned

God   has: Provided

God   has: Purposed

God   has: Prepared

And He has Placed a Will in man that can accept all or reject all of His (above) plan

(But man has no will that can stop the consequences of rejecting God plan.)           

– eab, 9/25/06

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God knows our need before we ask –

so why have this thing we call “prayer”?


1. It does us good to admit we have a need


2. It is good to acknowledge our need before Him,

recognizing He can change it


3. It is good for us to experience the process

(and progress) of prayer


4. It is does us good to honor God with thankfulness

for His answer to prayer.        

– eab, 7/15/2006

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