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There is NO disguise beyond the skies.



S-t-a-r-t  being REAL now.


– eab, 9/9/12

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That movie

– it was bad on the big screen

(or on TV) 30 years ago. 

It’s “OK” now? 

What’s the source of this new “wisdom”?

– eab, 10/23/12

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Some parents suffer from

the sins of their children –

multitudes of children TODAY suffer from

the sins of their divorced parents,

– eab, 10/23/12

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H             lack of   H                  Home

E              lack of   E                 Enjoyment

L              lack of   L                 Light

L              lack of   L                 Love     

 – eab, 1991

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Going to church is like going squirrel hunting:         


Go early,


Go expecting,


Keep awake, and


Look up.    

– eab, 9/91  (a re-post)

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Being a goat




is no kidding matter with God!

– eab, 5/7/10

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Heathen woman have some weird ideas


of what is pretty.


Hypocritical women have weird ideas


of what is pretty –


both groups are (sadly) equally convinced. 

– eab, 5/23/10

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Great marriages


are marked by theirPurity




their Maturity! 

– eab, 3/19/10

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That thing (whatever it is)

which IF subtracted from your life

would totally change it

– that thing may be your god

 – eab, 10/5/12

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If two people are both flat they think they are OK

– they blend but they are missing the one

high and HOLY standard of harmony.

If two people are both sharp they may sound OK to each other,

may comfort one another that they are OK, but

they are out of harmony with God.


Get in harmony with God and all is well

Discords abound in sin and in hell. 

– eab,  4/17/10    

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