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There is NO disguise beyond the skies.



S-t-a-r-t  being REAL now.


– eab, 9/9/12


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That movie

– it was bad on the big screen

(or on TV) 30 years ago. 

It’s “OK” now? 

What’s the source of this new “wisdom”?

– eab, 10/23/12

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Some parents suffer from

the sins of their children –

multitudes of children TODAY suffer from

the sins of their divorced parents,

– eab, 10/23/12

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H             lack of   H                  Home

E              lack of   E                 Enjoyment

L              lack of   L                 Light

L              lack of   L                 Love     

 – eab, 1991

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Going to church is like going squirrel hunting:         


Go early,


Go expecting,


Keep awake, and


Look up.    

– eab, 9/91  (a re-post)

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Being a goat




is no kidding matter with God!

– eab, 5/7/10

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Heathen woman have some weird ideas


of what is pretty.


Hypocritical women have weird ideas


of what is pretty –


both groups are (sadly) equally convinced. 

– eab, 5/23/10

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