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Many messages this morning (I’d guess) will lean toward

(if not actually fall over into) politics.  Some pastors would

like to influence you how to vote Tuesday. 

(This is applicable to Democrats, Independents,

and Republicans.)  Such pastors feel justified in this

– they may rue it later.


Pastors are being urged to “get out the vote.”

I got a call from Chicago from a Lutheran pastor

AND a rabbi (same call) and from James Dobson

urging me to urge you to vote.  Some are even

registering voters in their vestibules.


Your pastor is not urging you to vote. Tuesday may

find me in a voting booth, if nothing else voting

for some lesser offices.  Be aware it’s not a sin

to vote (especially in local elections). 

Be equally aware it is not a sin to not vote. 

If you vote I distinctly urge you to pray,

seriously pray, before voting.


“Why seriously pray, pastor?” You & I ARE

responsible for whom we vote.

My dad voted for FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt)

and later felt he should ask God to forgive him

– dad felt responsible for his vote – dad was right.


“I’m flabbergasted to read such.”

Let me give you a quote (can’t remember who said it). 

“To vote for the lesser of two evils, is still to vote for evil.”


It’s been decades now since I first said

“I’m a Christian first, an American second.” 

The King of kings has my allegiance, 100%. 

I can trust Him with the future and, as God helps

my little faith, I do.  Voting or not voting,

I urge you likewise to trust King Jesus. 

He’ll be King a million years (infinity, really)

from now and “of His kingdom there shall be no end”

Luk 1.33.



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Do you dress to Bless

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“To conceal or reveal

– Lincoln S. Bryan (uncertain date)

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