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Every fact is not recorded in The Book.


But every fact recorded in The Book



– eab, 11/3/10   

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Be married to the AV (Authorized Version). 


Being married does not mean you are unaware


of other ladies and cannot converse with them. 


Your only LOVE is your wife (the AV),


you spend time with her (day and night),


she is your life Choice, a classic,


the Mother of your spiritual children. 


Your life is tied to her.

– eab, 8/12/10  

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If a man is inwardly corrupt SEE that,

ignore what appears to be “good” words“

…A corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit”

– Christ, Mat 7.17

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Inner constraints


are always better than


outer controls.

– eab, 8/2012

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America needs Awakened        Agree?


Westfield needs Awakened       Agree?


YOU need Awakened                Agree?


Special  Services

Minister Ken Thompson

Evangelist, Pastor, Educator, Missionary, also Husband, Father, Grandfather 


Union Friends Church

533 S. Union Street

Westfield, IN 46074


Nov 13-17,  7:00 PM  & Nov 18, 10:30 & 6:30


You are ALWAYS welcome!

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Being civilized is “skin deep.”


Being CHRISTIAN goes “all the way to the bone.”


Carnal pride & anger easily make men UNcivilized


– eab, 11/5/12

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Is the church

a non-PROPHET organization?  

– eab, 8/5/10

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Some false “Christians” have done atrocious deeds and

thereby (purposely?) make real Christians appear in a bad light. 


Have “false” Jews also done deeds (with money / otherwise)

which make true Jews seem wicked? (see Rev 2.9 & 3.9)

– eab, 11/9/12  

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There’s a cost to Following Jesus


– “the cost of the cross.”


There’s a reward to Following Jesus


– “It’s out of this world” 

– eab, 11/9/12

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My heart can be in tune with this Age of corruption


My heart can be in tune with the Ageless perfection.

Not Both!

– eab, 6/26/10

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