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~ NAMES  OF  Christ ~


Beloved, the                        Eph 1.6


Blessed & only Potentate 1Ti 6.15


Branch                             Isa 11.1


Bread of God            Joh 6.33           

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There is nothing wrong with loving

your familiar valleys and hills,

loving your native land.


But there is everything wrong with

loving your country

more than you love the Kingdom of God.

– from Acts Titles, Notes, and Questions p.3

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~ NAMES  OF  Christ ~


Amen                Rev 3.14


Author & Finisher of our faith



Author of eternal salvation

                           Heb 5.9


Beginning of the creation of God

                           Rev 3.14

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They say “You get what you pay for.”


Oh, with Christ it is SOOO much better. 


(By His mercy)


You get what HE Paid for


Thank the Lord. 


– eab, 12/3/12

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~ NAMES OF Christ ~


Adam, the Second 1Co 15.45


Advocate, an 1Jo 2.1


Almighty, the Rev 1.8


Alpha & Omega Rev 1.8

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