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Mary, the carpenter’s wife,

Has been delivered of a Man child.

She conceived and then bore,

Heaven’s Seed and remained undefiled.

She gave birth in a peasant “home”

Of linage Royal and old.

Bearing her reproach she thus gave,

Divinity a fine human mold.



He came, He loved, He cried,

He walked by the azure sea side.

He cared, He worked,

He sought those who had never been taught.

He touched, He scattered, He plead.

The Holy Scriptures He read.

He stood, He bore, He died.

The Christ of Christmas, crucified.


 – eab, 12/82

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~ NAMES  OF  Christ ~


Nazarene                          Mat 2.23


Only Begotten Son        Joh 3.16


Passover, our                 1Co 5.7


Priest for ever                Heb 5.6

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