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~ NAMES  OF  Christ ~


Righteous, the                1Jo 2.1 


Rock                                  1Co 10.4


Root & offspring of David   Rev 22.16


Root of David                Rev 5.5

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Only saints really


want to go to heaven.


Sinners mainly just


want to miss hell.     

 – eab, 6/25/12

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To “make light

of spiritual light,

is to surge that-much-more-rapidly

into the dark.

– eab, 9/4/12

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God is so “sure of His sovereignty”


that He invites His creatures to be “fellow creators,”


and doesn’t withdraw that ability to “create”


(art, children, literature, building, music, etc.)


even when men stupidly deny that there IS a Creator.



– eab, 12/21/12

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~ NAMES  OF  Christ ~


Prince                              Act 5.31


Prince of Life                 Act 3.15


Prince of Peace              Isa 9.6 


Prince of the kings of the earth  Rev 1.5

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Mary, the carpenter’s wife,

Has been delivered of a Man child.

She conceived and then bore,

Heaven’s Seed and remained undefiled.

She gave birth in a peasant “home”

Of linage Royal and old.

Bearing her reproach she thus gave,

Divinity a fine human mold.



He came, He loved, He cried,

He walked by the azure sea side.

He cared, He worked,

He sought those who had never been taught.

He touched, He scattered, He plead.

The Holy Scriptures He read.

He stood, He bore, He died.

The Christ of Christmas, crucified.


 – eab, 12/82

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~ NAMES  OF  Christ ~


Nazarene                          Mat 2.23


Only Begotten Son        Joh 3.16


Passover, our                 1Co 5.7


Priest for ever                Heb 5.6

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Yesterday Christ was born,

Sometime in the early morn

Today He calmed the sea.

Tomorrow He’ll be hung

At the place of dump and dung;

The middle cross of those three.


Yesterday He was born,

In a manger crudely formed.

Today He opened blind eyes.

Tomorrow He’ll be,

Propitiation for me.

(The priest will think Him a prize.)


Yesterday He rode the mule

To escape Herod, the cruel.

Today He cleansed the vile ten.

Tomorrow He’ll be nailed

After sarcastically hailed,

By His willful creatures: men.


Yesterday doctors learned

The twelve year-old who discerned

Today Pharisees the same.

Tomorrow they’ll revenge,

The times He made them cringe;

They’ll pile on Him all the blame.


Yesterday by John shown

The One for whom he’d groaned

Today palms and robes He trod.

Tomorrow He’ll borrow,

Joseph’s tomb of all sorrow.

Disciples will bury God.


Yesterdays aren’t all o’er,

After today there are more.

Life did not end in the grave.

In three days He was found,

Mary’s “Keeper” of the ground.

Death was now His lowly slave.


Yesterdays ceased for Him,

Forever began again.

Today Christmas’ plan is done.

The pathos that He bore,

For the race now and before,

Redeems by His Holy Son.

                – eab, 11/77              

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Without question, hear it,


without question,


YOU and I are NOW


choosing our NEXT world –


choose well, Friend,


choose well. 

– eab, 12/10/12

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~ NAMES  OF  Christ ~


Messiah                              Dan 9.25  


Might One of Jacob        Isa 60.16


Mighty God                       Isa 9.6 


Morning Star                   Rev 22.16

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