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There are catholics better than their religion


And evangelicals worse than theirs.


Of course, neither religion


Will get you up the golden stairs.


To follow Christ is not cult-able


He is the ONLY way to the Above


Heaven’s road is not multiple


Jesus has the only way – Love.

 – eab, 11/23/12

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On earth – “eternal security” –

a dangerous doctrine.              


In eternity – eternally secure –

a wonderful reality.

– eab,  2/3/09

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Translation Trouble –

Mark 16.9-20 NASV: Gives the footnote “Some of the oldest manuscripts omit from verse 9 through 20.”

John Burgon’s book, The Last Twelve Verses of the Gospel of Mark, has over 400 pages proving conclusively that this section was in the original manuscripts.

Burgon’s book remains unanswered and is unanswerable.)

A good but mistaken man taught me about missing verse decades ago.  We need the AV!


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