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Every sinner who hears of a Sinless One,

Every father who hears God had a Son,

Every planner who hears Redemption is done,

                Is drawn to Christ.


The only way to reach heaven’s door,

The only way to tread the golden “floor,”

The only way to enjoy Redemption and more,

                Is through the blood of Christ.


Christ is the Key to heaven’s lock,

Christ is the pure Shepherd, of a pure flock,

Christ is the center of creation’s calendar and clock.

                The only hope for all is Christ.

                – 1/21/05

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Marriage is indestructible



unless (until)


the once-bride, once-groom


dynamite it.

– eab,  1/21/13

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Translation Trouble – Mar 11.26

AV “But if you do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in Heaven forgive your trespasses.”

Verse is totally omitted in the NIV, RSV, BBE, TCNT & in italics (as if not original) in ASV.

Could there be a reason (below the surface) for all the reviser’s changes?

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