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ETERNAL Life?   

– eab, 1/14/10

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Two important observations about those who attack the

AV because it is associated with King James. 



1) All history written by men (this excludes the Bible)

is subjective.  If anything, as printing has become

easier, it is easier for men to re-write history,

trimming and tailoring to suit the “politically

correct” views of modernity.  Discernment demands

that we not accept all as “Christian” which may be

so labeled.  NOR accept Mr. X as a vile sinner, like

those so living, want to portray him.  Some wicked

sinners may try to bolster their ranks by claiming

King James as one of them – we have every right

to question that.


2) More importantly, King James (even if he were

wicked) was NOT a translator. That is very important.

King Herod lacked the intestinal fortitude to keep

John the Baptist alive but he believed in John’s

“religion” and feared him.  Many a modern sinner

(the reader may know one) has great respect for

the Bible – more than some translators?  Who

can prove that King James did not get the best

Bible-believing scholars of his kingdom to handle

putting God’s Word into English?   Take time to

research (I have done some) the men thus chosen.        

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