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We humans have our scale


Which we use, without fail,


And KNOW that it is right.


But God has the final say,


In what things really weigh,


Weigh, in His all-wise sight.

                – 2/25/13

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Holiness –




in both mates –



would put divorce lawyers



out of work.

– eab, 2/16/10

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The NIV preface states a “Concern for clear and natural English…contemporary but not dated.” Glance at a few of these “clear” words compared to the AV’s “archaic” words.

NIV (left)                                                  AV (right)
Gen 6.4 The Nephilim were on the earth…/

                                        There were giants in the earth

1Ch 29.19 …build the palatial structure…/

                                                               …build the palace

Ezr 8.36 …to the royal -satraps… /

                                              …unto the king’s lieutenants

Psa 122.7 …citadels…/          …palaces…”


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