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R Read this Book for a blessing (or listen to It read)

E Ephesus through Thyatira: two bring two to a head

V visions of the last three churches fill up chapter three

E Eternity holds God’s great throne – which John gets to see

L Lamb outshines Lion as the symbol for God’s sole Son

A A series of seals fill chapter six – magnificent

T The concept of twelve times twelve balanced by saints rent

 I  Introduced in chapter eight are God’s great trumpet sounds

O One woe is followed by another – awesomeness abounds

N Number ten tells truth that John was forbid to tell

S “Sodom,” Witnesses, a tenth of Jerusalem fell


I  In twelve there’s time, times and half a time: symbol of years

N No man may buy/sell, six-six-six, a number of fears


R Reaping occurs in fourteen – a sharp sickle and souls

E Everything was conquered, his image, his mark, his name

V Vials now follow trumpets, as they followed seals of shame

E Enough details appear – a city on seven hills

L Long ugly is the list of her items and thrills

A Alleluia’s the cry: King of kings, Lord of lords

T Throne is here, judgment and books with defining words

 I  I, John, saw the “holy city” words to thrill saints’ hearts

O Oh, thrills: Night-less city, River, Fruits “off-the-charts”

N No Book quite compares to the “Revelation” of Christ.

 – eab, 7/5/12

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Dear Compromiser,


What in your head


or hand


wanted the broad road? 


The greater Question –


WHY did your heart agree?

– eab, 2/17/10

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Translation Trouble – Tit 3.10

AV “A man that is an heretic after the first and second admonition reject;”

NKJV – Reject a divisive man after the first and second admonition,


Obviously a man may make a

divide WITHOUT being a heretic.

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