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Sound only carries so far

In our varied earthy air.

But don’t take it for it granted

It will be the same UP ^ there.


UP ^ His praise will be glorious,

Anthems will be full and abounding,

Thanks will be freely given for

“God’s grace” firmly re-sounding.


How far will such rejoicing carry?

Possible from star to distant star.

Echoing through His universe

At unknown distance, most far.


Will sound also carry far

In that horrid other place?

DOWN  \/ there where are gathered

Those who rejected God’s grace.


Some sinners here revel in noise, 

Cars and dives throb with sound;

DOWN \/ such sad souls may find,  

Screams, gnashing, super abound.


But some sinners liking things more quiet,

Would seek the wilderness, the nook.

Terrible sounds are DOWN \/ there, friend;

Change, pray, read and believe the Book.

                – 3/4/09

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The Eye cries to the will,

“I want.”                         


The Ear cries to the will,

“I want.”                         


The Nose cries to the will,

“I want.”       


The Tongue cries to the will,

“I want.”   


The Finger cries to the will,

“I want.”


These 5 “brothers” constantly pull the sinner to WANT

what the world offers.   Pray for conviction on sinners. 

Ask God to BALANCE out these with the Holy Spirit

so the sinner can SENSE this world is NOT the end!

– eab, 2/19/10

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Translation Trouble – Mat 5.22                             


AV “…I say unto you, that whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of judgment…”


NIV – But I tell you that anyone who is angry with his brother _________ will be in danger of judgment…


With the above the NIV revisers come

close to (if not in full reality) making

Christ, a sinner, “And when he had

looked round about them with anger,

being grieved for the hardness of their

hearts…” Mar 3.5

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