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4/29, Stella Mae Morgan was born 1922, to Walter and Beulah

Morgan in the great state of Tennessee.  In 1940 she married

Carson Woodrow Scarbrough.  To this blessed union were

born: Martha, Carole, and Carson, each still married to their

FIRST mates.  These three couples gave her 1o grandchildren

each of whom are also married to their FIRST mates. 

May not be a record but speaks well of the Scarbroughs!


She is known as “Mother” “Moma-Stel” “Grandmother”

(even to many whom she “adopted”), and “G.G.” (stands

for Great-Grandmother).


Happy BD! 

– eab

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God does for His servants as He see best,


Some have activity, others have rest,


Several don work clothes, some suit and vest,


Some are far from home, some near their nest,


Some face life’s low load with a heavy chest,


Several sing and whistle high on the crest,


But all His known servants have passed His test,


They’ll gather soon from northeast to southwest.


Never forget, Child, God knows what is best.

 – eab, 4/27/11

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Truth will be triumphant –



Deceit will be defeated!


– eab, 3/31/09

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Translation Trouble – Multiple “BibleS”?


There are issues of history, issues of possible forgery, issues of men

who do not believe orthodox truths “handling” books they call “Bibles.”

But there is also the issue of philosophy.  As soon as one accepts the

possibility that there are two Bible translations equally valid as the

“word of God,” he becomes the judge of what is and what is not

God’s Word.  Why not accept the 3rd version and the 33 rd ones? 

Almost everyone (who accepts some modern version) rejects one

or more of the other modern impostors – they draw a line somewhere.

This makes man the Judge of God’s Word instead of God’s Word

judging man.  This may be one of the worst issues of all for this

generation, diluted with modern “versions.”

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4/28 Martin Luther 1521 is said to have written

in a letter:


“The authority of Scripture is greater


than the comprehension of the whole


of man’s reason.”

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Two brothers were told what to do;


One said “yes” but never “came through.”


The other said “no”


But later did go.


Actions tell a lot about you!  


[ Mat 21.28]

 – eab, 4/2/05

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If your church were a “Classroom,”



Are you a good student or the dunce?


– eab, 4/28/10 

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If there were no Major Discrepancies (there are) with the modern“versions” If there were not a host of missing verses in modern“versions” (there are!) they would still be harmful for at least 3 reasons.


1.]  Corporate worship has been a pillar of the church of our Lord Jesus Christ for about 2000 years – it is damaged by parishioners having different Bibles (Responsive readings from individual Bibles would be “Babel.”) 


2.]  The huge variety is confusing to youth – which IS God’s Word? (God is not the Author of confusion, 1Co 14.33) and


3.]  This proliferation allows man to “choose” the “Bible” which “fits” him, instead of him changing to FIT the Bible.

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4/25 William Cowper (“Coop’ er”) died 1800, East Dereham, Norfolk, England.  The English Literature world remembers him for THE TASK (1785).  The Church world remembers him for “God Moves in a Mysterious Way,” “O for a Closer Walk with God,” and “There Is a Fountain.”  Though he suffered from depression, he left a great spiritual literary legacy in the above.

Cowper’s father was chaplain to King George II.  Cowper trained for law but never had a practice.  He lived near Olney, co-wrote the Olney Hymns with John Newton (author of Amazing Grace) with whom he shared a backyard fence.

Enjoy these lesser known words from Cowper:

            Lord, I believe Thou hast prepared, unworthy though I be,
            For me a blood bought free reward, a golden harp for me!
            ’Tis strung and tuned for endless years, and formed by power divine,
            To sound in God the Father’s ears no other name but Thine.

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The devil, as an angel of light,


Has told them that wrong is “right,”


Convinced them that day is “night,”


Painted black as “white,”


“Explained” that loose is tight,


Persuaded it is right to fight,


Argued that weakness is “might,”


Said ugly is a beautiful sight,


Called true peace “a fright,”


Made them “love” sin’s blight,


Materialism made them “high as a kite,”


And re-named low as some great height.

 – eab, 4/18/09

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