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There once was no water nor sod,


No blue jay, Guernsey, nor cod.


God decided He wanted it all;


It took just six days “to install.”


Creation received His glad nod.

– eab,  4/2/05

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Almighty God purposely endowed


puny man with a will that can


resist Almighty God




(but cannot resist


the consequences of such a choice).

– eab, 5/2/10

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James, King of England (authorized

the 1611 Bible) did not want

It to have footnotes. 

Footnotes as the following (NIV pages from 1984 copyright) may make some “scholar” feel like he is really studying
In reality, they can add confusion to sincere readers – “Which manuscripts DO I trust?”  
Many early manuscripts – 924
Many early manuscripts do not have – 989
Many manuscripts – 1057
Some early manuscripts do not have…- 899


God is NOT the Author of confusion.

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