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Genesis – Limerick 


This Book starts with Adam and wife,



And goes to the end of Joseph’s life.



Enoch and Noah are in between,



Babel and Abraham are seen,



And Jacob – with all his strife. 

– eab, 4/3/05

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A careless “friend” might



be left “holding the bag.”



Many a careless “girlfriend” has



been left holding the baby.

– eab, 11/8/10

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NIV preface: “Concern for clear and natural English…”  Glance at a few of these “clear” words compared to the AV’s “archaic” words.


Pro 21.24   NIV…overweening pride.  

AV …proud wrath


Isa 16.6               NIV…and her insolence…  

AV…and his wrath


Isa 30.1   NIV Woe to the obstinate children…  

AV Woe to the rebellious children…


Jer 27.7               NIV …kings will subjugate him.  

AV …kings shall serve themselves of him.

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