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Are taxes a part of God’s plan?


Or an intervention of man?


Jesus may not have made’m


But He and Peter paid’m.


(A fish will help out, if he can.)

[Mat 17.27]

– eab, 4/2/05 

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He was rich, more rich than the locals could possible grasp. 

She was the personification of poverty! 


He was Mature – with a capital “M.”

She had a certain appealing childishness. 


He was majestically handsome. 

She had a “home girl” comeliness. 


He was accomplished without being worldly. 

She had an overpowering appeal of innocency. 


Their’s was a marriage “made in Heaven:” worked

out on this earth, to be rejoiced over

and celebrated forever. 


HE is the heavenly Bridegroom, Christ the Founder

and Sustainer of Christianity. 

She is the purified, perfected, purposeful, poor

(yet rich in the Lord) bride of Christ. 

– eab,  7/2/11

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The NIV preface states a “Concern for clear and natural English…contemporary but not dated.” Glance at a few of these “clear” words compared to the AV’s “archaic” words.

Eze 8.16   NIV  between the portico and the alter… 

AV…between the porch and the alter

Dan 3.27   NIV the satraps, prefects, governors…

AV  the princes, governors and captains

Joh 5.2   NIV…surrounded by five covered colonnades

AV…having five porches

Act 18.12 NIV…Gallio was proconsul of Achaia

AV   Gallio was the deputy of Achai

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