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O beautiful, beautiful lesser light;


Made by God the rule the night,


I see thee on thy continuous flight,


Showing the cloud, as a furrow plowed.



Now vapor has hid the wondrous glow,


The obliqueness of the cloud to show,


But slowly conquer o’er the foe,


And light comes down, from thy crown.



So ride thou on through the night sky;                            


May men, like me, always “where and why,”


Thy greatness, as you effortlessly fly.


Thou shining orb, our thoughts absorb.



Mysterious, Inspiring, Mobile Sphere.


Solitary, Polished, Sentinel of the Exosphere.              

                –  Apr. ’66

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The devil doesn’t mind you


studying theology,


as long as you don’t act on it.



Nor  studying eschatology,



as long as you come


to the wrong conclusions

– eab, 3/4/11

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Translation Trouble – 1Thessalonians 1.1

AV   “…Grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ.

NIV   …Grace and peace to you.


NIV is (again) omitting words – and

these are NOT just any words. 

The NIV has omitted “God” “Father”

& “Lord Jesus Christ.”  (Yes, I see

them above but they “edited them out”

at the end of the verse.)  Many, many,

words are missing from the NIV

(and other mis-translations.)  

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