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Some doctors lie to their patients,


Tell them that “all is well.”


Some door-to-door men also lie;


They make money as they sell.


Some people lie to their best friend,


Falsely saying, “I’ll never tell.”


Worse than all are teachers/preachers,


Who write/profess that there’s no hell.

– eab, 4/15/11

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When you add to,



OR subtract from



God’s appearance for YOU,



you are saying



“L O O O O K   at   me!” 

– eab, 8/12/11

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Please T-H-I-N-K @ this quote

“It is a shame that the majority of Christians will research a mutual fund they want to invest in, check out the history of a car they want to buy, research a neighborhood to live in, but when it comes to God’s Word, they can’t be bothered to research the history of their version.”

– Ken Matto


Funds, cars, neighborhoods do NOT

effect your eternity – a defective

“Bible” may. -eab

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