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4/19, Charles Darwin, died 1882, Down House. (Is this a propheticly-related name for the end of this man?)  “Often a cold shudder has run through me, and I have asked myself whether I may have not devoted myself to a phantasy.” – Charles Darwin, Life and Letters, 1887, Vol. 2, p. 229.

(endnote as quoted on Animals that Defy Evolution Part III).

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The great God above,


Where all beings have love,


May welcome you home with a smile.




Or the god of doom,


Where flowers ne’er bloom,


May “welcome” you below, after while.

 Which will it be, My friend? – eab, 1/31/06

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Sin is what makes a person WANT

to hurt another,

psychologically or physically.



A saint may accidentally hurt,

but is it not on purpose.  

– eab, 2/15/13

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No man changes wives on a whim.  He sadly, seeks a divorce and

marries another after: 1) some attitude/event “proves” to him wife #1

is out-of-date,  or 2) some fight they’ve had (what she “said” is not

what he “heard”) and he now sees her as unreasonable, or 3) some

other woman has flirted with his ego (“you really understand women”),

or 4) another woman has “sold” herself (looking her “best” at work)

– he does not see the rest of her MESSY life. 


No man changes Bibles on a whim.  He sadly, seeks a divorce and “marries”

another Bible, after: 1) some attitude/event which proves to him his KJV

“is out-of-date,”  or 2) some fight he had with the KJV (what It “said” is not

what he “heard”) and he now sees the KJV as unreasonable, or 3) some

mis-translation has flirted with his ego (you can really understand

this “Bible”),  or 4) A mis-translation has “sold” itself to him. He doesn’t

see the many missing words, even verses, and other verses which NOW

have different meanings.  – eab, 4/12/13                                           

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