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4/23 John Newton, on this date 1779, is said to have

expressed the following in a letter:


“‘What Thou wilt.  When Thou wilt.  How Thou wilt.’ 


I had rather speak these three sentences from my heart

in my mother tongue than be master of all the languages

in Europe.”

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In geography

It is very plain to see

A wedge of rock and soil stands between,

The old land they knew,

And the one they’re going to,

Observing this is neither cold or mean.


There’s a Red Sea and there’s a river,

They both are to deliver,

The walkers, who walk through their lines,

Each saw a crisis hour,

Each represents its power,

That crossing over forever defines.

 – eab, Oct. ‘99

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A sheet of paper has 2 sides? 



Want to guess again? 



It has six “sides.” 



The little “sides” say nothing, but


they’re the ones that cut you!      

– eab, 1/19/13

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Using a modern version?

Yes, I understand that those using the modern mistranslations WANT you to believe that Vaticanus and Sinaiticus are THE OLDER manuscripts.  Whether they are as old as they are purported can surely be questioned by any thinking person.  Who is making this call – those who want them to be older, or someone more skeptical?  When we are dealing with supposed copies of the WORD of GOD, the believer can be properly skeptical.


One named Constantine Simonides (1820–1867), is said to have had “extensive learning, knowledge of manuscripts…According to opinion of paleographers, he was the most versatile forger of the nineteenth century” (Wikipedia).  Simonides claimed to be the real author of the Sinaiticus (in 1839).  “Scholars” do not like to think they can be mistaken but with the history of false materials appearing in catholic circles (“pieces of the cross” for example) wisdom suggests caution about this “find.”  Supposedly Constantin von Tischendorf, a German theologian with evolutionist leanings, “found” it in a waste can in St Catherine’s Monastery in 1859, and according to some, spirited it out of the monastery.

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