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4/28 Martin Luther 1521 is said to have written

in a letter:


“The authority of Scripture is greater


than the comprehension of the whole


of man’s reason.”

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Two brothers were told what to do;


One said “yes” but never “came through.”


The other said “no”


But later did go.


Actions tell a lot about you!  


[ Mat 21.28]

 – eab, 4/2/05

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If your church were a “Classroom,”



Are you a good student or the dunce?


– eab, 4/28/10 

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If there were no Major Discrepancies (there are) with the modern“versions” If there were not a host of missing verses in modern“versions” (there are!) they would still be harmful for at least 3 reasons.


1.]  Corporate worship has been a pillar of the church of our Lord Jesus Christ for about 2000 years – it is damaged by parishioners having different Bibles (Responsive readings from individual Bibles would be “Babel.”) 


2.]  The huge variety is confusing to youth – which IS God’s Word? (God is not the Author of confusion, 1Co 14.33) and


3.]  This proliferation allows man to “choose” the “Bible” which “fits” him, instead of him changing to FIT the Bible.

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