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5/3/1850 Sixteen-year-old Charles H. Spurgeon

made a public profession of faith in Jesus Christ

in a Primitive Methodist Chapel, Colchester, England.

Spurgeon began a preaching career the next year

which did not end until his life ended (1892).

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If all you have is a single tree

Beneath which to sit or stand,

And all beyond is a

Nondescript, ordinary land.

No mountain draws you eye

To its upward soaring crest,

No river rolls at your feet

Churning at a river’s best.

And you don’t even have a hill

On which to contemplate.

Your world seems so “samish”

Nothing your quick mind to bait;

Thank God each day

For His warm rising sun,

For its slipping upward, then

Downward till it’s day is fully run.

And enjoy its change of shadow,

First great then lessening through noon,

Then an opposite shadow grows,

Filling space slowly or soon.

The daily sun gives the plain,

The simple landscape, though flat,

A lustrous changing, almost living.

Friend, enjoy where ever you’re “at.”

– eab, 5/3/07

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If you would die Triumphantly



you must daily



live Triumphantly.    

– eab, 3/2/13

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Just sixty years ago almost all evangelicals and holiness men were users/backers of the KJV.  (I personally remember stands being taken against the RSV.)  That has changed.  Every thinking person should be wise enough to ask WHY?  Is it because the KJV changed?  Is it because we got smarter?  (Many called “doctor” are not scholarly.)  Or IS it because the opponents of the Classic King James were able to get “their men” into professorships at Bible colleges, the students from which are now in our pulpits?  “Listen, KJV backers, it’s all about scholarship.”  No, DO NOT BELIEVE THAT.  The agents of change have a “reason” for a gullible public and they have their REAL REASON.  Be intelligent enough to search out that reason.  – eab

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