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You’re in charge Lord, of all we do and all we say,

From the day of our birth to our dying day.

All the decades, all the desires, all the delights,

Every land mile, each boat mile, all the flights.

For the man, You’re in charge of a choice wife;

For the lady, You decide who’s man of her life.

For the couple, You handle conception;

One child, no child, several; without exception.

You direct a man to be merchant, or teacher

Doctor, carpenter, animal man, or firm preacher.

You give the lady talents to keep the home:   

Cleaning, ironing, and either cooking or laundry foam.

You decide where we live, country or town,

A house of gloom or glee, smiles or a frown,

Upscale, modern, traditional ranch, track,

Older unpainted, tidy, but little more than a shack.

You Lord, guide us to the right fellow believers;

Protecting us from sheep-clothed-wolves – deceivers.

Send us where the Word is “front and center,”  

Where light is allowed to dawn and enter.

You decide if we live to grow old, then older,

Or face cancer or other problems, weak or bolder.

How wonderful to have a daily, careful Guide,

Through decades untiring, by our soul’s side,

Through cross-roads, intersections, You show the way,

Till we join Enoch, in the Eternal bliss of Your day!

You, Lord are finally in charge

Of the day we the body disembark.

And as the soul has directed in care,

Up, up, up with You, see that it journeys there.

– eab, 5/7/08

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Dress so you can modestly




Go out to See,



not Go out “to be Seen.” 


– eab, 9/28/11

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Translation Trouble – 2Pe 2.17

AV “These are wells without water, clouds that are carried with a tempest; to whom the mist of darkness is reserved for ever.”


NIV – These men are springs without water and mists driven by a storm. Blackest darkness is reserved for them.


Why does the NIV here leave out “for ever.’  “Pure scholarship – flat and simple.”  Don’t be too sure.  Could it be because some religious system has a fictional “purgatory” among its teachings.  If “for ever” were allowed to remain here it would oppose the theory about “purgatory.”  By leaving it out the money making idea of “purgatory” can remain.  Reader – learn to look for reasons other than what the left tells you.

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