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5/9/1928,  L. L. Pickett died, Middlesboro, KY. 

(L. L. stood for  Leander Lycurgus.)  Pickett

married Ludie Carrington Day – who herself

wrote the song “Never Alone.”   L. L. wrote the

books: The Antichrist, and The Blessed Hope

of His Glorious Appearing, and the song “It

Is for Us All Today.”  He was born 2/8/1859,

Burns­ville, Mississippi.

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Four years have past, fast as light,


Since you – and you began.


Play and work, day and night;


How swiftly they all ran.


Graduations? – Congratulations!


– eab, May ’68

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Beauty is an INSIDE thing



glimpsed best through




your eyes and words

– eab, 10/5/11

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Defenders of modern mistranslations (of diverse sorts) – do you

realize there are two streams from which all Bibles flow? 

There is the Alexandrian line (variously given, 45-60 manuscripts)

and the traditional line (variously given, 5210-5700 manuscripts).

Until you recognize this, to say the “Greek says” is only partially

true – which Greek?  I would gladly agree with a general statement

“the majority is not always right.”  Having said that I ask, “Is the

minority always right?”  The shear number of Antiochian

manuscripts vs. the fraction of Alexandrian ones, is reason for

the reasonable man to take an honest look at the Antiochian

or traditional ones.  There are more and weightier reasons, but

this would be a start. – eab

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