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5/10/1927, Clyde D. married Ruth E. establishing the Bryan household.

Sadly dad backslid, divorced mom, and married another woman. 

After getting reclaimed by Christ near a railroad track (in PA),

dad left the second woman and later made overtures back to mom.

She forgave him – a Biblical thing to do 🙂 – and they were re-married

(1941).  I am the product of that second marriage.  My three siblings

(all dead) and I were full-blood but there was a devilish divorce

between our births.    

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Some liked to travel and


Some liked to rest.


All obeyed the cloud;


God’s direction is best. 

[Num 9.18]

– eab, May ‘80

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“Everything that goes up


must come down.” 



Yes? . . .           No!!!  


Not true of the saint


who’s heaven-bound!


– eab, 6/7/10  

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Some anti-KJV people have tried to tie the alleged sinful life

of King James with the Classic Bible he authorized (he did

no translation).  I am not agreeing that James was as wicked

as theorized.  But if he were, look at two (history may have

many) examples of good coming from the wicked.  In the Bible

– Caesar ordered taxation but it was good in that it brought

Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem.  In Germany – Hitler was

w-i-c-k-e-d but a project he backed became the VW, a fine

little car with millions of drivers.  It’s illogical to say the

KJV is faulty because James authorized It.

- eab, 5/10/13

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