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ON-this-DATE   (on a lighter side 🙂 )

5/18/1830, One named Edwin Budding

(in England) on this date signed an agreement

for the manufacture of his new invention

– the lawn mower.  

One wit said “Saturdays are destroyed forever.”

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It’s as normal to believe in a Maker,


As to believe bread has had a baker.             


 – eab, 4/19/10               

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Many know WHAT is Right,



but controlled by carnality,



they LOVE what is Wrong.

– eab, 7/3/12

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Erasmus did not receive the last rites of the Catholic Church; and nowhere in the reports of his death does it suggest he asked for a priest. This reflects his view that outward signs were not important; what mattered was the believer’s direct relationship with God. (Jan Van Herwaarden, Between Saint James and Erasmus: Studies in Late Medieval Religious Life, Leiden, 2003, p. 529)

Eramus wrote the famous Textus Receptus strongly associated with both Luther’s Bible (for Germans) and the KJV.

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