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5/19/1382  A synod meeting of Blackfriars, London, to condemn John Wycliffe (c. 1320-1384) and his followers was shaken by an earthquake.  The terrified clergymen fled.  This “Earthquake Synod” (as it was nicknamed) was led by Archbishop Courtenay and condemned as heretical twenty-four theses from the writings of Wycliffe.

Wycliffe later said that God sent the earthquake “because the friars had put heresy upon Christ.  The earth trembled as it did when Christ was damned to bodily death.”

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There are battles in the land of Canaan


Giants in the hills,


A daily dying to humanity,


A constant deadness to our wills.

    – eab, 5/19/2006

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God’s kingdom is not built




on personalities




It is built on the PERSON



of Jesus Christ


– eab, 5/6/11

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Men have been “handling the word of God deceitfully” (II Cor. 4:2) ever since the devil first taught Eve how. From Cain to Balaam, from Jehudi to the scribes and Pharisees, from the Dark Age theologians to present-day scholars, the living words of the Almighty God have been prime targets for man’s corrupting hand. The attacks on the Word of God are threefold: addition, subtraction, and substitution. From Adam’s day to the computer age, the strategies have remained the same. There is nothing new under the sun.


One attack which is receiving quite a bit of attention these days is a direct attack on the Word of God as preserved in the English language: the King James Version of 1611. The attack referred to is the myth which claims that since the King James Version has already been revised four times, there should be and can be no valid objection to other revisions. This myth was used by the English Revisers of 1881 and has been revived in recent years by Fundamentalist scholars hoping to sell their latest translation.

– David F. Reagan


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