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Dear Friends – Explanations for my lack of recent postings (& why you may be hearing less in the next weeks: 

1.) As some of you have heard, my wife had a light stroke and was hospitalized for a couple of days.  We are very glad Christ allowed it to be slight – she walks and uses her hands fine, there is no slurred speech nor drawn face, but she has difficulty finishing some sentences. She saw a speech therapist today who felt good about her writing skills, ability to respond to what she was hearing, etc. and will work to help her “pull” the right word & help her finish her thoughts.  Part of her healing will be REST. We both are grateful for indications on the Lord’s Day and since, of improvement. 

2.) As I was approaching this spring I prayed for weeks (wife says months J).  On 3/5, God gave me an answer.  I did not exactly wrestle with the Him but for some time I sought to understand if I had understood Him correctly.  On 4/7 I told the church they were free to look for a younger man.  Even after that I was seeking to know if I were to “do” another ministry or retire/semi-retire (fill pulpits etc.)  Some three weeks ago God showed me it was the latter.  Now, with the stroke happening to my BEST friend I believe the retire/semi-retire is for her sake. 

3.) Between extra prayer time, packing and trying to help my wife I have less time. 

4.)  We have “thought” for years we might “retire” to the south.  More recently have considered the north.  We’ve been (in person & internet) searching for housing with a rural setting (I’m a country boy J).  If you know how to pray – would appreciate you praying for my wife AND for us the right place to live.  It’s wonderful that the Triune God knows exactly what is Best and Where.

Thanks for your interest.

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