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The best gifts last the longest

salvation and holiness are for eternity

- eab, June '12                    

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People come and people go,

And people are forgotten.

Pride is such a fleeting thing,

And fame – it is half rotten!

The Lord rules, and the Lord reigns,

The Lord, He is forever.

The only place of lasting worth,

Is in His holy favor.              

               – eab, ‘84

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9/3 James Hannington was born 1847, at Sussex, England.  He rose in the Anglican Church.  With five others he went to Africa as missionaries to Uganda, ill health forced him to return to England, but three years later, at age 38, he started into unexplored territory.  Hannington made delightful humorous sketches of his experiences, but alas, he had not long to live.  King Mwanga of Uganda took him prisoner.  He and his party were beaten and killed by Mwanga’s soldiers.  Hannington was reported to have died singing on 10/29/1885.

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