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C. S. Lewis Quote:

“…Heaven will display far more variety than Hell.”

– Letters to Malcolm, p10


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It’s a pity when –

“Healthcare” is unhealthy,

“Security” is insecure, and

“Christians” are unChrist-like

– eab, 8/29/09

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WHY There is a dearth of “holiness preaching

among “holiness preachers ?

– eab, 11/12/09

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The ripping thorn, the malicious horn,

Foot-grown corn, they that mourn,

Pain in being born, marriage partners torn

Perspiration being worn – The Curse

– eab, Aug. ‘80

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Ancient Chinese Proverb

With clothes,

the new are best;

With friends,

the old are best.

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John Greenleaf Whittier died, 9/7/1892 at Hampton Falls, NH.

Whittier was an editor (started at 22) editing American Manufacturer), later Haverhill Gazette and the New England Weekly Review and later still Pennsylvania Freeman.

Whittier was elected to the Massachusetts legislature.

Whittier was influential in the antislavery movement, and served as secretary of the American AntiSlavery Society.

Whittier was a poet – known as America’s “Quaker poet” AND a hymn writer (almost 100 hymns), see below some names:

Dear Lord and Father of Mankind                    

I Know Not What the Future Hath

Immortal Love, Forever Full                                                  

It May Not Be Our Lot

O Lord and Master of Us All

O Love! O Life!

We May Not Climb the Heavenly Steeps

He was born at Haverhill, MA, 12/17/1807 and never married.

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