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Much of the church world no longer believes man can live above sin


Much of the church world no longer believes in sanctification

– eab, June 2005

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The Father has always existed.

Forever He has been God.

Walk back through the lanes of time,

Mid tracks of history odd,

Gaze upward through “robin-egg” skies,

Search beneath solid earth’s sod.


Let science show you her treasures,

Of strata, phylum and gene,

Or travel the wide sky over,

In fiction’s fantastic machine.

God’s there in chubby molecule and

In DNA’s ladder so lean.


Old history’s filled with mementos,

Dates for death and for birth,

Biographers struggle to cover

Lone sorrow and congregate mirth,

But no birthday is found for God.

Years cannot measure His worth.

– eab Sep. ’00

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Lydia Baxter was born 9/8/1809, Petersburg, NY.  After marriage Mrs. Baxter moved to NYC where she carried on Christian activities despite being bed-ridden.  Among those activities was the writing of Christian poems, one of which became the well-known hymn “Take the Name of Jesus with You” (1870).  She died 6/22/1874.

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