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“…The relationship between God and a man is more private and intimate than any possible relation between two fellow creatures.”

– Letters to Malcolm, p13


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Picture worth a 1000 words?

It took words to say that!  


-eab, 1975

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The same amount of paper,

The same amount of ink,

Makes a one or a one hundred.

What’s the difference?  What do you think?

Gold, by awesome contrast,

Has value from weight or size;

True value comes forth

Very hard to disguise.

Man makes money,

Religions also man makes.

Its value is what you “think.”

God makes true salvation,

With values beyond the skies.

Gold, like God’s way,

Has value beyond disguise.

– eab, 9/9/09

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Joseph Scriven was born 9/10/1819 at Seapatrick, County Down, Ireland.  He was engaged to be married, but his bride-to-be was drowned the night before the wedding. He moved to Canada in 1844.  There, some time later, he was again engaged to be married, but the young lady died after a short illness just before the wedding date.  He never married but devoted much time to humanitarian service without remuneration.  In his later years he suffered physically and financially, with periods of depression.  Through him we have the beloved hymn, “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.”  He died 8/10/1886 at Port Hope, Ontario, Canada.       

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