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Sin brings forth death: – death to a goal

– death to a job – death to finishing college

– death to Life’s work – death to a Friendship

– death to Love with parents/child – death to a marriage

– death to the body – death to the SOUL!  

– eab, 3/21/11

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Ahithophel liked his advice,

Thought it solid, perhaps even nice.

When his guidance went unheeded;

He hung himself, as unneeded.

Hanging is a murderous vice.    (2Sa 17.23)

– eab, March ’05

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A M Hill died 9/11/1935.  In addition to being a preacher of holiness Hill wrote Homiletics and Pastoral Theology, and Life of Martin Wells Knapp.

Hill became the president of Texas Holiness University and wrote of it in May 1899, “I have accepted the presidency of a thirty-seven acre cow pasture with a multitude of briars, centipedes, scorpions and blacksnakes thrown in for good measure, and one student, Will Huff…The board did not have a dollar in money or a board or brick. Yet, we should not despise the day of small things.”

Speaking of Christ, Hill said in a sermon given June 11, 1905, “No other man could have so swayed the masses and created enthusiasm for himself; but He never did, and never tried to gain a permanent popular following. He might have handled the influential political leaders of His day, and lifted Himself to the summit of power; but He never sought their allegiance, or even made their acquaintance…”

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