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Kilmer gushed of his love for a tree,

In a limited way, I agree,

(Trees, giant or quaint I like to see.)

But behind the tree is its Maker;

His Son on a tree was my Savior.

Jesus’ Cross was earth’s most special TREE.

– eab, 7/20/07

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F. Firm

A. Assurance

I. In  

T. The  

H. Holy

– eab, 1/78

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John Fletcher (Jean Guillaume de la Fléchère) was born 9/12/1729 at Nyon, Switzerland.  Every Christian should read some (to all) of his classic, Five Checks to Antinomianism.  Fletcher died 8/14/1785.            

Fletcher Quotes:

“…St. Paul…through zeal for the Church and state…possessed the whole of religion, except those essential parts of it, humility and charity.”  – Portrait of St. Paul, Trait I

“The more the god of this degenerate world exalts himself in opposition to truth, the more he disposes every sincere heart for the reception of it.  – Portrait of St. Paul, Trait XXXV

“The glory of God seldom interests us so much as when our own glory appears to be mingled with his.”  – Portrait of St. Paul, ch 2

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