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John Fletcher Quote: 

…Three capital truths only

—God is

—God is love

—God is mine in Christ…

Works vol I, p540


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Where are you?

There’s a land that’s mysterious, odd,

Cannot be measured by mile nor rod,

You don’t know when you’re there,

But your friends are aware,

You’re now touring the “land of Nod.”

– eab, 9/16/2003

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Love those left of you,                   

Love those right of you.

One or more may make heaven

– if you don’t love them

you won’t.

– eab, 11/18/09


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James Cash (J C) Penney was born 9/16/1875, near Hamilton, MO.  His father was a Baptist minister who supported his family by farming, taking no salary from his church.  An astute businessman, Penny moved steadily up in the business world, opening his first store on April 14, 1902.  He sought to run his business on Biblical principles, giving each customer only quality merchandise at a fair price, operating only on what he felt would be a fair profit.  Penny loved the Lord, faithfully used the tithe as the minimum for his giving, never had his stores open on the Lord’s Day and offered no credit (these last two, as long as he was chairing the board).  Penney died in 1971.

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