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You can be proud of your separation from the world.

You can be ashamed to be separate from the world. 

Neither pleases God.

– eab, 9/7/14

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John Fletcher Quote

To judge of truth

by popularity

is absurd.  

Works vol I, p569

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He borrowed a burro,

Upon which He could ride.

As He’d borrowed a boat,

Edge of Galilee’s tide.

He borrowed an upper,

Big, Passover-time room.

Became the only “Man,”

Known to borrow a tomb.

Seems the Owner of earth

Hadn’t much worldly “worth.”

Yet He purchased us all

Back, from Eden-site’s fall.

– eab, 4/20/11

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Two groups preach holiness

– the seekers and the possessors.

Two groups ignore holiness

– the unenlightened and holiness rejecters

– eab, 8/26/09

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Girolamo Savonarola was born 9/21/1452 at Ferrara, Italy.  He led a reformation in Florence, before attacks on Alexander VI led to his excommunication, in 1498.  He was a student of the Old Testament prophets and of Revelation. 

Savonarola created a democratic government in Florence: burned immoral works of art, preached against the worldliness, and opposed to the ruling class.  Alexander VI offered him a job in Rome – when Savonarola did not want this, he was taken into custody, arrested, tortured, and convicted of “heresy.”  

His last words were, “My Lord was pleased to die for my sins.”  Savonarola was hanged and burned in 1498.


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