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God knows our need before we ask – so why have this thing we call “prayer”?

  1. It does us good to admit we have a need

  2. It is good to acknowledge our need before Him, recognizing He can change it

  3. It is good for us to experience the process (and progress) of prayer

  4. It is does us good to honor God with thankfulness for His answer to prayer.

    – eab, 7/15/2006

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Fall, that most brilliant of seasons,

With an aroma all its own,

Has for various reasons

On my affections grown.


It’s partly all the color;

Red? No, reddish brown?

Orange? It’s one or the other,

That leaf that just fell down.


And it’s partly the falling leaf;

A twirl, a spin, a sliding drop;

A sky dive, Oh, so brief

With the slightest clatter of a stop.


And it’s also that “fally” odor;

Corn in shock, ear on stem,

Leaves when they’re walked over,

As you crunch your way through them.


A major part, I must admit

Is school; a bell, a book;

A different room in which to sit,

To listen, learn, and look.


And – I might as well be honest,

I like pumpkin pie, a little squash;

All the nuts the trees rain on us.

And Delicious, Jonathan, and McIntosh.


Fall’s nice warm days and cool nights,

That hazy, smoky distant view,

The full autumn moon that on us lights,

Those are truly reasons, too.


Oh, I know that fall must terminate

To winter; it is only just.

But I’ll enjoy autumn before it’s too late,

For enjoying fall is a must.

               – eab, Oct. ‘75

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William Holmes McGuffey was born 9/23/1800, in western PA but raised on the Ohio frontier.  He returned east to attend Washington College (now Washington and Jefferson College) and became a professor of languages at Miami University, Ohio. 

A clergyman and college president, McGuffey compiled a series of six readers, known as the McGuffey Readers, which sold perhaps as many as 120 million copies.  These books had a strong bearing on the integrity of a generation, owing to the strong moral tone of selections.  He died 4/5/1873.

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