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What pleasure must the discovery of Divine truth

give to a sanctified soul!

– Works vol I, p576

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Of all the blood and gore

That has gone on before,

From ancient to this actual hour,

The individual murderous heart,

And wars hot murdering part,

Show carnality’s bloody power.

– eab, 11/15/07

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What would Jesus do? – Rather – What DID He do?

He healed, touched, fed, calmed, raised, condemned, cleared, and answered.

He never struck, killed, cursed, or committed adultery.  

– eab, 4/21/09

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Johnson Oatman Jr. died 9/25/1922 at Norman, OK.  He wrote “No Not One” (1895), “He Included Me” (1909) and 100s of other Gospel songs lyrics.

Oatman attended Herbert’s Academy in Vincentown, New Jersey and the New Jer­sey Collegiate Institute in Bordentown.  He was ordained as a Methodist Episcopal minister, but his pastoral work was confined to local churches, as he worked full time in the retail and insurance industries.  Oatman was born 4/21/1856, near Medford, NJ.     

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