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Some pictures of satan prevail:

Horns, hoofs, red suit, pointed tail.

But antichrist will want to be

Worshipped as God – for all to see.

Don’t worship him.  Never, him, “hail.”

– eab, 9/29/08

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If we only knew

God is more Divine than we understand

satan is more devilish than we know.

–  eab, 3/28/09

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Martin Luther on 9/29/1502 received his B.A. degree from the University of Erfurt.  Son of a German coal miner, he (after being “scared to death” by an electrical storm) promised to and became a monk.  God in His faithfulness – God defines faithfulness – led Luther through years and experiences until he saw the Roman Catholic system was wrong and FAITH in the Bible and Christ were right.  Thank God for Luther.

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