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Lord, I’m sorry you see the filled flask.

Looking at sinful men is a task.

You invited them to ask of You,

But they refuse to Ask.


Lord, I’m sorry that every long week,

You must again see the unturned cheek.

You invited them to seek from You,

But they refuse to Seek.


Lord, I’m sorry for the goat-filled-flock

You observe all around the clock.

You invited them to knock to you,

But they refuse to Knock.

– eab, 10/3/07

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Some people won’t mind going to heaven

– – – if THEY could be in charge. 😦

– eab, 10/3/14

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Hebrew Union College was founded 10/3/1875 in Cincinnati, OH. It was the first Jewish college in the U.S. established to train men for the rabbinate.

My favorite professor at Wesley Biblical Seminary, Bill T Arnold, has his Ph.D. from there.

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