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The greatest contrast is not:

B L A C K & White,

Up & Down, Or

Hot & Cold.

The greatest contrast is between

the worthiness of Christ &

the unworthiness of those for whom He died! 

– eab, 3/12/10

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A cedar against a pink-lavender sky,

In the space between the neighboring oaks,

The silhouetted bird flies by,

The crickets sing an evening song,

A lowly cow lows, the day is closed

While along the horizon

The pink fades and goes

Sights and sounds the heart and mind

Senses but lets them slip.

A day is closing as others closed,

Slowly slips beyond our grip,

The pink has departed

Now the trees stand dark and still

Black trees on a gray-blue sky,

As tree frogs “che che” at will.

– eab, Oct ‘75

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George Bennard died 10/9/1958, Reed City, MI.  He was converted at a Salvation Army meeting and he & his first wife were Army officers.  Later he became a Methodist revivalist.

In 1913 he penned “The Old Rugged Cross,” once reported to be the song most recorded.  He also wrote the good song, “Oh Make Me Clean,” and scores of other Gospel songs.


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