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Be honest

You KNEW or had a feeling they disliked you.

Then they died. 

How did you feel? 

Be honest

Can God smile on that? 

– eab, 9/7/14

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Evolutionists believe IN       

What they think is gradual change;

Because, if they believed IN

God,  they  would have to change. 

– eab, 12/13/09

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John Denver “J. D.” Webb, Sr. died 10/15/1986. (Father of the evangelist Orlow Webb, grandfather of Anthony Webb.)  He was my pastor 1953-1957.  Years later I had him speak several periods to a history class at Wyandot Christian School.

He remembered the boys marching off to the Spanish-American War, saw one of the Wright Brothers fly, had breakfast with “Uncle Buddy” (Robinson), and was ordained by Seth C Rees.  He was my personal (& wonderful) connection with history – born 1/19/1890, in Kentucky.


As I’d mention a “great,” you’d known him:

Rees, Fleming, Culp, Uncle Bud, and Ruth,

Anderson, Stalker, and Wireman.

You’ve been privileged to hear preach the truth.

– eab, 1975, stanza 5 of “Brother Webb”


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