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Dictionary – like to have one within arm’s reach. 

Glad Webster “did his thing”

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P C (political correctness) is preparing the world for the anti-christ.

As truly as Christ is coming, the anti-christ is coming.  PREPARE. 

Prepare to rejoice with Christ.  Prepare to reject the anti-christ. 

(And prepare so you are not surprised which one comes first.) 

– eab, 10/19/14

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Men have gone into wild regions,

Gone where it is mainly cold,

Worked their claim day by dull day,

Seeking elusive, yellow gold.

               Christian, daily search the Bible,

               Seeking nuggets in your youth,

               Work your claim in middle age,

               In old age, seek still, holy truth.

  •                – eab, 11/4/08

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11/4/1646 The Massachusetts Bay Colony passed a law

making it a capital offense to deny the Bible was the Word of God.     


While I do not fully agree with this action

(God gives a freedom to choose Him or not – states should too)

it surely shows, this election day, HOW different we are in 2014 from 1646.

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