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For Nov. 5

“Edgar” – in 6th grade I wanted to be called Eddie (had girlfriend “Edie”),

Dad said no; I’m glad

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O, What a privilege to walk with the Savior,

Daily to follow His love and His will,

Knowing, whene’er trials do beset me,

Gold must be purified – He loves me still.     

– eab, Nov. ‘72

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On 11/5/1414 the Council of Constance brought to trial two Bohemian reformers.  One was John Huss (burned at the stake 7/6/1415).  The other was Jerome of Prague (killed 5/30/1416).   This council anathematized the teachings of the English reformer John Wycliffe.  Hus’ teachings had a strong influence on Europe and influenced none other than the Martin Luther himself.  

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