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Do NOT Impeach !

When a boy has been bad in school and the school tells him he can’t come to school the next three days he gets what he wants.  He did as he pleased and got rewarded by being allowed to go fishing.  A smarter move for the school is “in school suspension” – make him come but restrict his recesses, his lunch hour, etc.

The man called Obama (it may not be his real name) has been bad in WDC.  To impeach him could be just what he wants.  Unless America can save a lot by not giving him retirement money, do not impeach him.  “Make” him stay in office but restrict him.  Ground or greatly restrict Air Force 1.  Stop or greatly reduce his vacation FUND.  Do not pay for anymore of his ideas and DEFUND what has been “passed.”

 – a former school teacher/principal

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For Nov. 7

God – the true God, maker of heaven & earth – Who, through His Son’s death is “Father”


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Some people take themselves too seriously

(lighten up Chum, smile/laugh at your mistakes)


do NOT take God seriously enough.

– eab, 10/16/14

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Sinners in trouble call on God,

Whether on rough sea or hot sod.

It seems a natural reaction;

Their soul’s only satisfaction,

Though last week prayer would’ve seemed odd.

– eab, 11/7/07

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Will L. Thompson was born 11/7/1847, East Liverpool, OH – He wrote “Softly and Tenderly Jesus is Calling.”  Son of an Ohio Legislator, he studied at Mount Union College in Ohio, at Boston Conservatory of Music, and in Leipzig, Germany.  He started his own publishing company, Will L. Thompson & Co. and expanded to sell pianos, organs & sheet music.

Thompson travel  by buggy throughout Ohio singing his songs for people.  He gained considerable wealth with his business adventures but never lost his quiet unassuming Christian character.  It is said that on his deathbed while being visited by Mr. Thompson, Moody feebly whispered, “Will, I would rather have written ’Softly and Tenderly’ than anything I have been able to do in my whole life.”  Thompson died 9/20/1909.            

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